How to debug tables

Having trouble with your tables (Still?), try this trick.
Using BBedit (You do use BBEdit, don't you?) replace
All the: With:
<table <!-- { --> <table
/table> /table> <!-- } -->

Then locate one of the '<!-- { -->'s and select the '{'.
Now use the menu Text > Balance Command-B
BBedit will select all the text that corresponds to the matching '}'.

How does this help? If you have a table imbedded within a table
(and even further) you can determine which <table matches which /table>.
I usually go to the innermost table and be sure that the table end that I think
think matches is the one that is selected. If you are still confused. Try
numbering the comments.

For example
<!-- { 1 --> <table ...
<!-- { 2 --> <table ...
</table> <!-- 2 } -- >
</table> <!-- 1 } -- >
Note the use of indentation to indicate the groupings and sub-tables.

This trick will work with <tr> and <td> ;but it gets a little hard to read the html for humans.

Please feel free to use this and tell your friends, just link to this page.

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